18 de febrero de 2013

The Master's Voice

Directed by Guilherme Marcondes
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Head of Production: Greg Bedard
Producer: Sang-Jin Bae
Director of Photography: Jonathan Yi
Actor: Michael Luzzi
Editor: RJ Glass
Sound Design: Anvil FX
Sound Engineer: Carlos Lima
Character Development: Guilherme Marcondes, Michael Luzzi, Ylli Orana
Lighting/Rendering/Texturing: Marty Geren
Modeling: Ylli Orana
Rigging: Vadim Kiyaev & Phil McNagny
Tracking: Bogdan Mihajlovic
3D Animators: Nick Johnnides & Ken Music
2D Animator: Michael Luzzi
Compositor: Yussef Cole
Production Assistant: Brittany Summit